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24 Hour Towing

SL 500 on lift In a bind with your car broken down on the side of the road? Autobahn Collision Center will take care of it! Having a broken down car can be a very frustrating situation. Luckily, we provide a 24 hour towing service for those type of situations. Not only will we come pick up your car, but we will also fix it. We just have to tow it to one of our two locations and then the repair service begins. You shouldn’t have to find a separate towing service to tow it to our shop to get fixed. We will do it all, beginning to end. 24 hour towing service guarantees that you will never have to be in a bind again. We will get to you as quickly as we can so that you and your car aren’t stranded. We know how common it is to be stuck somewhere due to a flat tire, dead battery, or even from running out of gas. We have the full equipment to provide you with high quality service and roadside assistance.

Towing and roadside assistance includes:

  • 24 hour towing and roadside assistance
  • Emergency solutions
  • Jump start car batteries
  • Battery replacements/recharges
  • Flat tire fixing
  • Gas refuel
  • Mechanic services

If possible, we will asses the situation beforehand and do everything that we can to fix the problem on the spot. If the vehicle needs to be in our shop to be repaired, that’s when we will tow it to one of our locations. When in a pickle, call Autobahn Collision Center to get you out!