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Frame Straightening

Mechanic working under car After a car accident, it’s normal to wonder if your car will ever be the same and if it’s safe to drive. Even if your car suffered from a low impact accident, it could be necessary to get your car’s frame straightened. Often times people only look at the exterior damage to the car, but the interior damage is the most important. A repair like frame straightening can be necessary in keep you safe while driving. The frame is the backbone of your car and it can be unsafe if not fixed.

Here at Autobahn Collision Center, we will straighten your frame and ensure your safety. We use an auto body frame machine to do the work that humans cannot. The machine restores the frame to its original shape. We then straighten the frame out to fit its original form and strength. Our technicians possess superb knowledge and practice advanced techniques to determine the extent of the repair necessary. We strive to perform our best so that you are protected and safe in your car.

Frame straightening can be a lengthy process, but we will work on your car in a timely manner to make sure that it is as good as new before we get it back to you. Give Autobahn Collision Center a call today to find out more about what we can do for you!