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Collision Repair

car on lifts to get repaired Auto accidents can be an event that ruins your day (and your car), but we are here to fix those problems. Here at Autobahn Collision Center, we understand how stressful the situation can be and we strive to make your auto repair experience as smooth as can be.

Our technicians are knowledgeable in auto repair and possess the necessary skills to accommodate to any specifications. We are able to work with different types of sheet metal welding and metal finishing in order to repair and refinish your vehicle. We restore damaged vehicles to their original structure, function, and appearance and have the resources to replace or repair any damaged parts and install them properly. Our technicians are skilled with their hands and can take on any task! We operate closely with insurance agencies to provide our customers with a level of service that is second to none, so you can feel comfortable leaving your vehicle in good hands without the hassle of fighting with your insurance company. We also have rental cars so that your daily life can go on as normal while we are working on your car. We make sure that we restore your vehicle back to it’s original beauty so that there is no evidence of collision.

Having to seek collision repair can be an unforeseen predicament, but at Autobahn Collision Center we will handle all situations. Give us a call to take the hassle off your shoulders!