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Rental Cars

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In today’s world, especially in the Los Angeles area, having a car is essential. One of the main hassles about being in an accident is being carless for the length of the repair. Even though we do our best to work on your car in a timely manner, we know how aggravating it can be to not have your car. At Autobahn Collision Center we want to make the transition of the repair as seamless as possible, which is why we set our clients up with reliable rental cars. These rental cars allows our clients to still perform everyday tasks while their car is with us. In addition, providing our clients with rental cars allows us to provide full, quality auto body service so that you are no less than satisfied.

Upon bringing your car in to be serviced, we also work with Enterprise to get you a rental car right away. The cars can be rented for however long your car is being serviced, so there’s no worrying about timeframe or inconvenience. Our partnership with Enterprise allows you to save the hassle of having to go through a separate car rental service all on your own. Enterprise is a well-known and established rental car company who specializes in customer service and car. They will pair you with a car perfect for your daily life and comparable to the car in the shop. Our partnership provides simplicity to the collision and repair process.

Autobahn Collision Center invites you to be worry free while we work on your car. Give us a call today to get a free estimate!